Reuben has always taken his still camera with him on the road.  And that road has led him to over 50 countries, affording an insider's view of the many problems facing the planet. The variety of countries visited, and the wealth of different experiences have opened his eyes and his heart, inspiring him to find universal beauty in unexpected places.

After The Earthquake - HaitiUganda FundraiserThe Dust Bowl (For History Channel)First Nations (For Discovery)Origins of Man (For PBS, NOVA)MexicoThe Vanishing Truth - MaliViva Cuba

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Uganda Fundraiser  

After The Earthquake - Haiti  

IMG 9625

First Nations (For Discovery) 

Origins Of Man (For PBS, NOVA) 

The Dust Bowl (For History Channel) 

The Vanishing Truth - Mali 

sweet girl on the road

Viva Cuba